Adrian Michael Bryars

AMB was initially created when I began working for the Horncastle Group carrying out installations for Britspace in 1990.

The contract began when Britspace were contracted to provide temporary and permanent general office and toilet facilities. The contract quickly expanded when McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd in 1992 chose Britspace to build their drive through restaurants by modular construction.

During the initial start up of the contract, I was approached to become the electrical supervisor for the factory and site works to ensure both compliance and customer satisfaction. As the contract began to grow, I was promoted to the quality assurance manager for the electrical installations for McDonalds and all other Britspace projects e.g. Forte Hotels and the like. McDonalds continued to roll out 440 modular drive through restaurants over a 10 year period.

For an example of the modular drive through construction, please refer to the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMi5RJKKOlc

In 1994, Britspace split into several subsidiary companies and I identified a niche gap and created my own company to provide design, materials and labour to Britspace RBS.

AMB quickly expanded providing hotel pods and steel container accommodation to most of the well known names in the business. The steel container side of the business alone, whilst a relatively basic installations, led to £1 million of annual turnover thus providing excellent purchasing power for the company due to the quantities of accessories used. We in fact imported some distribution equipment direct from France which enabled us to be one of the most competitive electrical; companies in the UK, including supplying wholesalers.

To date I have also been involved with:

I am currently an active member of the board and Services Director for Modulex (India) Please make reference to www.modulex.in for details.

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